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The PremBoost SEO formula

Full referencing

The Formula PremBoost effectively combines natural referencing with Google Ads to further increase your visibility. An ideal way to accompany the launch of your natural referencing and get new visitors and prospects very quickly and sell more.

We do the optimization up to 15 pages your site, including your homepage.

  • Creating metatag tags : These Tags provide engines with essential descriptive information and display it in their results. They also impact the positioning of your keywords.
  • Internal mesh : This is the organization of your site's internal links, i.e. links on your pages to other pages of your site. This Mesh links make it easier for your visitors to browse, but also to promote pages on your site on certain keywords you're aiming for.
  • Content : optimize the editorial content of your pages to reinforce the keywords targeted in the page

Targeting your words for the positioning of your site.

As users search with keywords, it's important that keywords related to your activity show your site prominently in search engine results, especially in Google.

You tell us what the 30 keywords priority that you target for your site and these keywords we will serve as a working base for your referencing and for optimizing your 15 Pages.

We also advise you on choosing keywords based on your activity and your locality.

Backlinks are links to your site from other sites.

We're going to create 100 backlinks (links of very HQ)to your site from popular sites with a high TrustFlow. This manual referencing includes backlinks in the form of personalized articles (targeted on your theme), Social Signals (sharing your URL on social networks), links in comments on popular sites, etc. Sites that point your URL will be chosen based on their popularity on search engines (TrustFlow).

The sitemap is a way to help improve the exploration of your site by Google and Bing by collaborating directly with their search robots. This file allows them to communicate the tree of your site and the pages that are to be explored.

We support the creation of this file and we communicate it to Google and Bing robots.

Following the implementation of optimizations on your pages, a manual referencing of your site is carried out in the search engines of Google, Bing, Yahoo and Qwant.

In their French versions (.fr, .be .ch, .ca) and International (.com)

Google My Business is a professional directory used in a search with the Google Maps service.

Enrollment in this directory improves your company's local referencing and captures visitors to your city or area of activity.

Local referencing allows you to target people who are interested in your services and/or products in your locality. The positioning of your keywords linked to your locality is therefore improved.

An advertising campaign Google Ads will allow you to generate qualified visitors very quickly, interested in your products and/or services with the possibility of performing a sharp local targeting. It includes 500 clicks Paid.

A selection of keywords will show an ad for your site in Google's results when a user searches those keywords.

We create your advertising campaign on our own Google Ads accounts, search for relevant keywords related to your business in addition to those you have communicated to us and write commercial ads that will appear in google results.

Get your first visitors in just a few hours!

This advertising campaign will allow you to receive 500 visitors. This is a great opportunity to quickly receive traffic on your site in parallel with natural referencing that takes longer to make its effects.

More details on the PremBoost formula :

Included in the formula :

  • A Report Eat the end of treatment
  • very HQ backlinks in the form of articles
  • Page optimization by professionals
  • Compatible with all search engines
  • A customer service Available at all times

Compatibility with CMS :

  • Joomla, WordPress, Shopify, Prestashop
  • Wix, Ionos, Drupal, SquareSpace, EzPublish
  • Magento, MODX, Radiant CMS, Concrete5
  • But also in: PHP / HTML / Mysql

Included in the formula :

  • A Report referencing
  • Optimization Professional
  • Compatible for all sites
  • A customer service available 7/7

Compatibility with CMS :

  • Joomla, WordPress, Shopify, Prestashop
  • Wix, Ionos, Drupal, SquareSpace, etc..
  • Magento, MODX, Radiant CMS, Concrete5
  • But also in: PHP / HTML / Mysql

Our solutions are compatible with all search engines!