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Frequent questions

Are your prices monthly, or permanent?

Our referencing formulas are offered as a one-time payment: this means that you pay only once without a renewal obligation: this is what differentiates us from other providers..


Once a site is indexed by a search engine, it stays permanently (except CGV default). As long as your site remains in line with the search tool, no worries then!

How hard is it to improve the positioning of my site?

You should know that a referencing does not happen in a few days. Search engines receive several thousand referencing requests per week, so it's necessary to give them time to consider your request. It usually takes between 4-8 weeks for good consideration in the engines.

We started from the observation that the internet referencing generally proposed was quite elitist and the tariffs prohibitive, without necessarily being justified. We therefore wanted to create a product that was accessible to as many people as possible, incorporating the essential elements necessary for good referencing: price is not a determining factor in the quality of service..

Do you allow yourself to reach the first position?

The purpose of SEO is to improve the visibility of your site and thus its positioning for your main keywords. The improvement of your positioning vis-à-vis your competitors will be done through the optimization of your site's pages as well as with the backlinks that will create link points to your site. However, since engine algorithms are not public, it is not possible to guarantee a specific place, even if our work aims to place your site on the front page of the results. So it's a goal but it can't be guaranteed since it depends on a ranking algorithm that is not known. Nevertheless, we do everything we can to get you closer!

What information should I DO FOURNIR?

Once your order has been validated, you will automatically access an information form on your site that will allow you to tell us several information such as the title of your site, its keywords, its category etc. When you pay, you will be directed to a secure environment where you can safely provide your credit card details. Our credit card payment system is managed by the stripe International Payment System which uses its own technology for encrypting sensitive data, SSL (128-bit encryption). Our website is signed and approved by McAfee secure: at no time will we know your credit card number...

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